20th May 2023 : 1.7.3

  1. "Bullets" changed to be "Lists" and now includes an additional two new lists of "Ordered Numbers" and "Ordered Alpha" which includes eighteen new ordered lists including numbers, letters, enclosed alphanumerics, roman numerals, etc.
  2. A "Create Default Numbered List from Highlighted Text" button added to the editor bar.
  3. Even more alphanumeric characters have been added to the "Alphanumerics" set within "Characters".

13th May 2023 : 1.7.2

  1. More Unicode Characters have been added including new sets for "Alphanumerices", "Braille Dots", "Domino Tiles", "Egyptian Hieroglyphs", "Fractions", "Kangxi Radicals", "Mahjong Tiles", "Musical Symbols", "Playing Cards" and "Roman Numerals", which brings our character count now to over 3,200.
  2. Tooltip descriptions have also been improved for all characters which will also improve searching of characters.
  3. We have now enabled Dictation on Safari but with limited support (for Dictation Chrome and Edge are still recommended).
  4. Other minor fixes to Dictation mainly for the Edge Browser to keep functionality the same as with Chrome.

8th May 2023 : 1.7.1

  1. Emojis updated to reflect the latest Unicode Emoji specification Version 15.0 and brings our emoji count we support to over 3,600. This update has added new Emoji groups of "Symbols" and "Flags" to TextZformatter.
  2. Emojis which are not supported by your Browser/OS will be hidden from view.
  3. Sub-group text from the Unicode Emoji specification has been added to each tooltip which has also improved the searching of Emojis.
  4. Some of the emojis in "Activities" which were not part of the latest specification have now been moved to "Others" under "Characters".
  5. An issue was fixed in Edge where some of the dictation commands were not working correctly.

3rd May 2023 : 1.7

  1. Dictation has been added which give you the ability to dictate your post or message, along with a fist set of dictate commands which helps with punctuation and inserting emojis. Currently, we've implemented support for dictation on both the Chrome and Edge browsers.
  2. Action buttons "Read" and "Dictate" now pulse green while they are running.
  3. All emojis containing skin tones have been regrouped into one group called "People" with skin tone selection.
  4. The emoji groups "Transport & Maps" and "Travel & Places" have been grouped into one called "Transport & Travel".
  5. The emoji group "Activities" has been changed to "Activities & Games" and includes new emojis which were missing before.
  6. Splitter bar added between editor and selection buttons.
  7. Plus other minor bug fixes.

2nd January 2023 : 1.6.1

  1. Text to Speech added along with the ability to control the voice via settings.
  2. Reading time added to counters under editor.
  3. Additional one line art added to "Others".
  4. Plus other minor UI fixes to the layout.

15th November 2022 : 1.6

  1. Bullet support (both single and multi-line) along with new bullet sets.
  2. Smart emoji bullet support (both single and multi-line).
  3. Brand new Emoji event sets.
  4. Import/Export text files into/out of the editor.
  5. An "Are You Sure" check before clearing or resetting editor.
  6. Type directly in the font you selected, if nothing is highlighted.
  7. Full screen toggle.
  8. Emojis will be shown before Characters when using search.
  9. Plus other minor bug fixes and enhancements to the UI.